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Jesse Brown Headshot
Empact has helped my professional development because before I came here, I had never heard of PLS CADD or even thought twice about power poles. On top of that, it showed me how I want to be treated as an employee or team member if I were ever to be in charge of people in the future.
Jesse Brown
Joint-Use Team Lead
Holden Haile Headshot
The general approachability of everyone within the company is something I have yet to experience anywhere else. You can ask anyone from the CEO to the new hire a question, and you will never be shrugged off or passed off unless they need someone else to help answer a question.
Holden Haile
Joint-Use Team Lead
Matthew Guo Headshot
Empact has played a big role in helping me develop professionally, from giving me my first opportunity to work for a company outside of the food service industry to provide me with a chance to pursue my interest in Business and Finance within the company. As Staff Accountant at Empact, I have learned far more than what someone in my position would learn at another company. Through Empact, I have been involved in Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, and Office Management. Vast learning experiences like these are hard to come by, and it has provided me with skills and knowledge that I will utilize for the rest of my career.
Matthew Guo
Staff Accountant
Dylan Townes Headshot
I feel a sense of responsibility when I come to work that I have not had with previous jobs. My work directly impacts people and helps the company move toward our goals; that sense of responsibility has me looking forward to my work weeks. I'm looking forward to taking more responsibility in the future. The team at EMPACT is all on the same page in a big-picture type of way, and I really appreciate that even when we have to sit down and discuss things to come to a consensus, we're all on the same page about making the company better tomorrow than it is today while enriching each-other in the process.
Dylan Townes
Joint-Use Manager

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