Increased revenue, decreased losses, and higher reliability. All the things that happen when EMPACT helps to optimize your distribution system and operations.

Imagine a world with a more complete understanding of the factors affecting the real-time operation of your distribution facilities; where greater visibility enables an optimized distribution system that performs in a consistent and predictable manner and maximizing customer/member satisfaction. EMPACT’s expert team specializes in Control Center Best Practices, offering NERC Certified Operator Assessments. We meticulously craft processes and procedures that empower your personnel with the knowledge and tools they need for success.

EMPACT goes beyond conventional services. With detailed programming, testing, inspection of field equipment and recommended maintenance schedules, we fine-tune every aspect, from capacitor controls to SCADA customization.

Prevention is the Key

Stop living in a reactive world, and prevent issues before they happen. Don’t let system challenges hold you back. Step into the future with EMPACT’s Distribution Optimization – because optimizing your success is our mission. Contact us today to revolutionize your system and seize limitless possibilities!


VAR Management

  • Automating Capacitor Controls
  • Maintaining Power Factor to Applicable Standards
  • Reducing System Losses
  • CVR/Peak Shaving

Outage Management and System Reliability

  • Repetitive Interruption Investigation
  • Load Surveys
  • Restoration Processes
  • System Balancing
  • Backfeed Analyses

Power quality

  • System Modeling and Recommendations
  • Customer/Member Complaint Cases
  • Feeder Balancing
  • Loss Studies

Systems Operations

  • System Operations Audits
    • Personnel Training Needs
    • Process Creation and Documentation
  • Increased Process Efficiencies

Field Inspection and reporting

  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Gang Operated (ABS) Switches
  • Capacitor Controls
  • Recloser Controls
  • Regulator Controls
  • Switchgear Controls

Distribution equipment enhancement

  • Automating Devices
    • Capacitors
    • Switches
  • Alternate Settings
    • Reclosers
    • Breakers

Additional services

  • Distribution Power Engineering
  • Joint-Use System Audits
  • Joint-Use Management